Don’t waste the taste!

We reduce food waste by connecting consumers and food suppliers

Don’t waste the taste!

We reduce the food waste in Romania by connecting food suppliers with consumers

The app that helps you:


All available products have discounts of up to 80% and are offered exclusively.

food waste

With each order you reduce food waste and you save the Planet!

Best places
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We work with the most well-known suppliers, who guarantee the quality of the products.

Why bonapp?

Fight against Food Waste!

40% of the amount of food produced globally is lost or wasted. By ordering products through, you will have a positive impact on the world we live in.

Eat at great discounts!

Discounts of up to 80% allow you to save large sums of money, all while you can try products that might otherwise be considered financially inaccessible.

Partners in the news, aplicație pentru economii de până la 80% la achiziția de alimente

Startup-ul românesc lansează aplicația prin care...

Romanian launches mobile app to combat food waste


The app is free to download, and Surprise boxes are sold for great prices that will differ depending on their contents.

We work with lots of different types of stores and restaurants, so you'll find anything from supermarket groceries, to hotel breakfasts, to fresh pastries from bakeries.
Any fresh food that hasn't passed its use by date can be sold on the app. Occasionally, you might receive an item that has passed its best before date. This date is just there to indicate quality, not safety, so the food will still be perfectly safe (and delicious!) to consume.

If you have downloaded the app and allowed location services, we will use your phones location to show you where you can rescue surplus food close to you. The search results are listed in order of distance so you can see which locations you're closest to!
If you choose to not allow location services the app will show the map in a zoomed out state. You can still move around on the map to find places!

You buy the food directly in the app, and an order is placed. The order is automatically saved under “Order history” in the app. Pick up your order on site before the specified time and show the order number/validation key on your phone to get your food.

Easy! Have you saved food from a restaurant / cafe / bakery? Show your order number/validation key in the app to the staff and you will receive the food you have purchased. Have you saved food from a grocery store? In most grocery stores, food is picked up in the deli counter. Ask the staff if you are unsure! Have you saved food from a hotel? In most hotels, food is picked up in the reception or restaurant , the hotel staff will show you to the right place!

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